Love of a friend is like a flower, planted in our heart,
The seed nurtured and tended is the way to start.
It needs special care, don't bruise its tender roots,
Tread with silken slippers, not with heavy boots.

As it grows you will feel it, your soul it will fill.
Never do you have to weed, never do you till.
As a flower blooms, so is the way of a friend's love,
It will have the pure white beauty of a gentle dove.

Without care it will surely wither and then die,
As a flower without water, no more pleasant to the eye.
Flowers will come back year after endless year,
But love of a friend once gone will always bring a tear.

When it's carelessly lost, it will never return to you,
So tend it every moment and its beauty will stay true.
A friend will always love you and hold you tenderly,
Right inside their heart is where you'll always be.

Norma Marek ~ 2004

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