A lane in the country is narrow,
A trail in the woods hard to see.
A street is wide and always paved,
But the path I walk is all three.

My path is sometimes narrow,
Yet I still walk it with pride,
But it can widen to fit an army,
When friends walk by my side.

God gave me this special path,
When I opened my heart to Him.
He gave me people who love me,
And told me to treasure them.

I found I used the path often,
At times a friend leaned on me.
But as years seemed to speed by,
My step wasnít as it used to be.

I now find Iím leaning on others,
Not one of them seem to mind.
They give me strength to go on,
With loving words tender and kind.

Thank You Lord for this friendship path,
Which You can make narrow or wide,
And thank You Lord for all the friends,
You gave me to walk by my side.

© Norma Marek ~ 25 February 2004


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