~~ Letter To My Lord ~~

Thank You Lord for giving me time
to say all my goodbyes
The tears are flowing like a river
from my saddened eyes.

Itís not because I donít love You for,
You surely know I do.
I just donít want to leave the ones I love
given to me by You.

Yes Lord I am afraid of dying but,
Your word I do not doubt.
The daily trial of living yes that,
I can gladly do without.

You say someday I will be reunited,
with all the ones I love
In Your home in heaven where,
You live with God above.

I have many friends Lord that mean
so very much to me.
What about the grief that my passing
will cause my family?

Lord will You be with them and
hold them close and tight?
Will You ease their sadness when
they think of me at night?

Please tell me that You will not let them
come to any harm.
Always let them know they can lean
firmly on Your arm.

Iím going to miss seeing the seasons
and my garden growing
And the scent of fresh cut grass when
itís time for mowing.

Are there birds in heaven Lord,
trilling their sweet songs?
Will I write my poetry or is it only
on earth that it belongs?

You know I have stopped praying to live
and be whole again.
Is it selfish or is it alright to pray that
I may pass without pain?

Lord once You sent me angels when
I needed them by me.
Will You do it again when my time
for freedom comes to be?

People scoff when I say my days are
fast coming to an end.
Lord I know it to be true, I accept
the invitation You extend.

©  Norma Marek ~ 21 February 2004


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