~~ Angels Light The Night  ~~

For each star you see in heaven, an angel holds it there.
She is lighting the sky with her beauty, delicate and fair.
For each moonbeam that peeks through a stately tree.
An angel points the light for you and me to see.

For each firefly blinking in our yard while it's in flight,
An angel directs it's illumination for us to see at night.
For each bolt of lightening that God sends to the ground,
An angel in it's awesome beauty, surely can be found.

For each dying ember left from fires burning low,
An angel is fanning it, to give a warm and gentle glow.
For each river of lava flowing on a path to the sea,
An angel is walking with it to protect you and me.

So for each thing we see that brings any kind of light,
Angels are the ones that God lets light the night

Norma Marek ~ 20 August 2001

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