~~ A  Memory ~~

A moment to think of the past.
The memories that hold on fast.
Some days were good, some were pain.
But I sit and wonder, would I do it all again?

I sit by the table and look out of the window.
To see how the flowers in full bloom have grown.
The children are grown up now and left the nest.
A tear starts to fall, my memories are the best.

Sometimes I feel lonely, unable to share.
The feelings inside me, but I know they do care.
My family around me, help lift how I feel.
And friends close by me is a wonderful deal.

I hear children’s voices, playing and having fun.
To listen to them is precious, each and everyone.
God gave me the choice to live and survive.
I believe I have done my best all of my life.

Sitting here thinking of what a difference could I have made.
I think I did right and made the grade.
Problems are much easier when family and friends do care.
My burdens are lifted knowing the love of the Lord is there.

Take your dreams and wishes and make them true.
Never regret just follow your heart through.
Time on earth is given, but can easily be taken away.
Live each moment; love each other, a memory each day.

©2003  ~  Eunice E Powe
All Rights Reserved.

Please respect author copyright ~ Do Not use or copy poetry
without first seeking permission from the author

Thank you so much Eunice for sending this beautiful poem
dedicated to Norma Marek.




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