~~ Mommy ~~

I remember a time that I saw a real doll that opened and closed it's eyes.
The girl that had it said it even wets and cries.
When I asked to hold it I was told no and this made me very sad,
Because corn shuck and home made dolls were the only ones I ever had.

Mommyís eyes were filled with tears when we turned to walk away.
I had never seen my mommy cry so I didnít know what to say.
In time I forgot about the doll as other things took itís place,
But I couldnít forget the tears I saw on mommyís tired face.

The doll was never mentioned as time slipped right on by.
My world went on but now and then Iíd see my mommy cry.
She worked on a quilt for many weeks until she had it done.
It was so pretty but then she hid it away from everyone.

I found itís hiding spot and would go and feel itís soft fluffiness,
And it was like giving a baby the most loving motherís caress.
I wondered why she didnít use that quilt and didnít want anyone to see.
ďWhat was her reason?Ē I thought, that she even hid it from me.

One day when I went to feel the quilt it wasnít there for me to touch.
It had been taken away and I missed it so very, very much.
I didnít ask where it was because I wasnít supposed to know,
And for many days after it was gone mommyís face was all aglow.

I saw a Sears catalogue on the old table and itís pages were opened to toys.
I thought I would look at the pictures for girls, not the ones for boys.
In that catalogue I found dolls and I began to dream of what I would do,
Then mommy laid a package down and said," Honey this is for you.Ē

I saw her calloused hands but her work worn face wore a smile so wide,
When I tore the brown wrapping off the box and looked at what was inside.
It was my turn to cry when I lifted out the doll that quilt had bought for me.
I still have it wrapped in paper with the memory of what a motherís love can be.

© Norma Marek 16 Augusr 2002

I love you Mom.

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