~~ A Letter To My Mom ~~


You soothed me with tender hands and loving words from your lips.
You nourished me at your breast and let me teethe on your fingertips.
You gave me my first kiss the day I was put into your arms.
You taught me that it was wrong to rely on sweet and fickle charms.

You tenderly brushed my tears the first time my heart was broken.
You did all this for me, and never a harsh word was spoken.
You were there when my first child was born with tears in your eyes.
You taught me to teach him that nothing ever comes from lies.

You listened when I needed someone to tell my secrets to.
You didnít condemn when I made mistakes you always helped me through.
You were the one I could trust with anything and gave me your sweet love.
You taught me to love the Lord that cared for me from above.

I wish you were here for me to tell you what you meant to me.
I wish I had realized all this before God took you with Him to be.
But Mom someday I will get to tell you all these things I write today.
So happy Motherís day dear sweet Mom is what I really want to say.

© Norma Marek ~ 2 April 2001

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