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6) Marian Jones 
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Wednesday, 21 July 2004 06:40 PM IP: Write a comment

Dear Judy,
How very sorry that Norma has passed though we knew this was inevitable. However, losing someone we have loved very dearly is a crushing blow even to those of us who know life goes on and we will meet again. It is natural that whilst we remain here we miss their physical presence.
You have been the most wonderful friend to Norma. I have met very kind people in my 68 years on this earth but I doubt not one has the ability to give as much of themselves as you have.

Whilst I sat here shedding a few little tears for a lady I didn't know as well as you, but nevertheless one who gave so much kindness to me and others too, these words seem to be put in my mind for some reason.

Please don't shed another tear
I have no pain, I have no fear.
I'm wrapped in my Father's warm embrace
Gazing into His wondrous face.

All I have written can never describe
This Heaven here where now I abide.
God be with you until your life ends;
I'll be waiting for you my dearest friend.

You take care of yourself Judy.

Much love

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