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31) Jo Ann Smotrys 
Virginia USA
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Monday, 16 August 2004 07:03 PM Host: Write a comment

Each day that passes gives way to another memory of Norma's love of God and Family and Friends. Many have written poetry in her honor...many notes of condolence. So many, like myself, unknown to her personally..feel as though we have known her all our life...and have shared with a loving friend. I requested use of her poetry and she acknowledged with a treasured note, sending me to many other links on which more might be found. Norma gave so willingly of her Spirit to all...sharing her mighty struggle as God allowed her time to continue to mold so many in Compassion, Sharing, Caring, Love, Godliness, Friendship, Patience, Tolerance, and the list goes on. And Thank You Judy Bibby for sharing Norma with so many, as you gave her a 'venue' through which to display her poetry and so beautifully. May God Bless and heal Norma's Family and Friends ... and may we all treasure the special bond of having been 'touched' by a true Christian Friend.
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