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342) Patricia Robinson  Male
Myrtle Beach SC
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I,m a Poet and love to write, and love to share, your poetry show us something, we are not alone
A Poet's Plea
Adoptive Parents
Knowing when to give them back
Barren women have a need not understood by anyone-a need, a emptiness that can only be filled by a daughter or a son..
The wanting, the desire, to share their love--with the worlds children, because Mother Nature has other plans, for their special hugs..
Adoptive parents are put here for those children pushed away--for those parents to young to have
a say..
For those mothers homeless, on drugs--God put these special women here to shower that addictive child with a special love..
They were put here unconditionally which is a fact--and with that special love they know when it's time to give the child back..
Yes! they love with everything they've got --they're the Childs mom, the mother their
Even with all the love Adoptive parents gives the worlds boys and girls--they'll come a time when need makes the Childs life jerk and swirl..
They'll have an overbearing urge to seek out that father, that mother--fill the emptiness they've felt seems like forever..
Adoptive parents feel the Childs need for information, fact-and they realize when to give
them back..
All women have needs in this life--to be a mother, know your mother, have a mother, through all the mis- information and hype..
Adoptive Parents feel the desire, the need which is a known fact--and they also know when, to give them back..
By: Patricia Robinson
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