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324) Deanna Cowan Geary  Male
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Friday, 4 June 2004 09:55 PM Host: Write a comment

My Dear Norma
With Judys message in mind, I come back to say hello to a friend whom I do love so much. Your beautiful Poems are such a comfort to all who suffer from these diseases of the Lungs. My prayers are with you my friend and you will always be in my heart, I will keep in my mind all the hope you sent to me in your emails and tell you I am still fighting Norma and I will try to be as courageous as you. I await on a list now for a Lung transplant soon the testings will be done in due time, Then on to the final acceptance and waiting period. I shall try to be patient and hope the Lord will stay by my side and hold me strong. I will be watching for you Norma and you will watch for me. some day. In a different place. The Lord has blessed you with a rare talent for beautiful words, that seem to just flow from inside your soul. I am happy I have the pieces on my Site and I will put the others on very soon. My friend rest now, spend this time with your family in your beautiful home in Kentucky. Smile up at them and read to them or let them read to you now. We will all be here and listening for judys call. I will walk with you part of the way, the Lord will take your hand and you will never feel pain again. God Love You Norma my Dear friend. This is your time of comfort, I will go for now and read some more of your Poetry , and go back to my own home in comfort.
With My Deepest Feelings of Love And Respect.
I remain Always
Your Friend
Deanna Cowan Geary
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