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316) Jo Ann S.  Male
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Friday, 4 June 2004 03:20 PM Host: Write a comment

My prayers are with you daily, and your family, and all who love you...including Judy...who has given you this beautiful gift..your site..on which to share. I hear of your pain and discomfort, but I hear also of your perserverance...your continuing struggle to maintain a fruitful life for as long HE allows. You are a special lady, given special tolerances and strengths that most of us don't have. I wish the best, as you travel along God's you continue to inspire each of us. You pave His path with the sounds of your HEART...the WHISPERS of beautiful sweet melodies... for each of us to cling to, as you cling to ALL WHO LOVE YOU, ESPECIALLY GOD. The lessons you are teaching others about COMPASSION and LOVE and ENDURANCE and SHARING and CARING and GODLINESS reach beyond the walls of where you live into the world to touch so many others. You have certainly touched my life. God be with you as you 'toil on' for Him! MAY HE SHINE HIS MERCIES ON YOU AND THOSE WHO LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! My Love to you!
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