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311) David A Kingston  Male
Port Hueneme, CA
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Tuesday, 11 May 2004 08:08 PM Host: Write a comment

I was sent your poem, "Tomorrow Never Comes" but it was called "If I Knew" and was part of a chain email. I cried as I read it!

I went to the "" website and found that you are the author and got the correct name and date. Thank you so much for your wonderful poem and website.

I have an Inspirational Email List and send out inspirational messages to many Christian friends around the country each day to help uplift their spirits.

The reason people love your poem so much is it speaks for all of us who have lost someone special. I lost my mother when I was 6 years old and she was only 32. You have formed the words my heart longs to say.

I think "You Were There" is incredibly beautiful and I am still reading the others.

May God bless you,

Your brother in Christ, Dave Kingston
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