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166) Jo Ann S.  Male
Goochland, VA
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Wednesday, 14 January 2004 11:48 AM Host: Write a comment

Norma...How wonderful to watch as your site grows! What a beautiful gift this was from Judy...and now you return to her in your beautiful poem "Tribute to Australia"! I do pray you'll continue to heal and I thank you for sharing with us, as you brave your illness with such grace. My thoughts as entered in Judy's guestbook...
Dance of The Angels...That's what I see as I watch the dance of two dear friends reaching deep into their hearts.
One here and one there...and yet they find a special way to share with us from their hearts. What a joy to see as one mends and one sends...both busily at different tasks...yet both take the time to share...not just with each other... but with all in this world. Oh, if we all would just stop and think...then learn to dance as these dear friends do...we'd have a world full of friendship and love... to carry us through 'til that time comes when we'll know true 'Joy and Peace' as stated in Philippians 4:4-7. God Bless you both!!
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