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1424) Steve Squizzato  Male
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Monday, 8 October 2007 05:43 AM Host: Write a comment

I received a chain letter with a tribute poem to 9/11, called 'If I Knew' without credit. It moved me to tears due to the recent loss of a dear friend. I never would have heard of Norma Marek until I poked around the Web to track this poem down. Now I know Norma penned it in '89 after the loss of her child, called, "Tomorrow Never Comes". Just wanted you to know I forewarded and reversed that chain letter to all the names posted with the correct title and proper credit to Norma Marek, including a link to this site...hopefully, it will generate new traffic of interested readers into Norma's other works. God Bless.
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