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127) Denise Nelms  Male
Balch Springs, Texas
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Saturday, 29 November 2003 04:06 PM Host: Write a comment

Hello & a Big hug from Tx.
Just sent over from Judy, as she was telling of your battle. All I have to
say is the God I know will never leave things undone. As I visited your site, I noticed things to come, so no, your works aren't finished, only awaitting.
My husband just finished his battle with Colon Cancer, & Yeppers, God equipped him with the Angels shield of Healing. It is no secret what He does for others He'll do for you ! Your strenght renewd as Eagles...
I enjoyed your poetry, & will return to see things you will add.
Daily Whisper Jesus, & watch His Mighty Handy work as testimony in your life.
He loves faithers, & loves to hear your voice.
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