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113) Deanna Cowan Geary  Male
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Wednesday, 12 November 2003 11:15 PM Host: Write a comment

Hello My Dear Friend
So good to see you in my mail today, You have had such a hard time of late, But This is a Fight we will all fight with Gods help Norma and we will in the end be praised for what ever good we have done on Earth. So many others need our Support and that is a good cause to work with. Im happy you are pleased at my Poem/Story It looks beautiful on your Site and I am very pleased to see it there it was written with a lot of feelings for others as well, who suffer Lung disease . Those who read may, We Both You and I,be able to say join us and gently follow the road with us. We have only The Lord Waiting for us. What better Hands to be In. My message to All take one day at a time and enjoy to the fullest. I will be checking on your progress Norma God Bless and Hold you close. Always in Prayer.
Your Friend
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